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Welcome to WordPress Beginner.com blog. My name is Vijaya Kumar. I’m a Telugu professional blogger. I’ve been blogging since 2013-14. Initially I started my blogging journey in Blogger. Blogger is a great platform for beginners like me. 

But blogger have many restrictions and limitations as per design, and permalinks etc.,

Later a lot of professional bloggers moved to WordPress. Professionals refer beginners to move to WordPress. So I decided to move from blogger to WordPress. But I don’t have any knowledge about WordPress. I’m not a technical guy. I watched a lot of YouTube videos with some basic knowledge. I am practicing WordPress offline, like installing XAMPP on my pc. 

I started a blog in WordPress called Pro-kabaddi Updates about Pro Kabaddi League. It’s an event niche. After that event I’m satisfied with WordPress and start making websites with WordPress. 

I learn a lot of things for making business websites. Used a lot of plugins and tested different themes and more. From then till today I’m using WordPress for my blogs and my clients to make their business websites. 

I want to share my knowledge with you. Of course I know there are many WordPress tutorial blogs today, But this blog’s main motto is to share my knowledge about WordPress for Bloggers, Website Designers and Business Owners.

That’s why we start this blog WordPress-Beginner.com. Here we provide WordPress tutorials about WordPress updates, different themes, different plugins and many tips and tricks. We request you to support us to provide the best information for you. 

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