How to start Blog

Introduction  : How to start blog? 

Let’s do blogging. Most people refer to WordPress. WordPress is advised to be the best of all blogging tools. Why is WordPress so important? Why has WordPress captured so many minds? Come find out about such interesting things!

how to start blog

What exactly is this WordPress?

The main reason that is on the grounds that WordPress is not difficult to introduce which makes it simple for anybody to make a site. Under most conditions introducing WordPress is a straightforward interaction that takes under five minutes to finish. WordPress is remarkable for its effortlessness of foundation.

WordPress is the most well-known blogging tool in the world. It was designed/programmed on a PHP platform. Even those without any technical knowledge can easily understand and design blogs/websites.

It Can be easily maintained. About 75% of the blogs in the world are designed by WordPress. Apart from that, anyone can use this software/application for free. They can change it as they like.

Why WordPress is so popular?

Even without any technical knowledge, they can understand WordPress and create the blogs/websites they want.

You can also use this WordPress software (CMS) application for free.

➡️ Many website/blog designs are available for free. Premium themes can also be used if desired.

Apart from that many plugins for your blog/website needs are also available almost for free. If you want more features and benefits, you can use premium plugins

And most important of all is support. There are WordPress developers all over the world. Millions of tutorials, videos and blogs are available on the Internet and on YouTube.

Need more reasons to use WordPress?

And how to install this WordPress, how to create a blog or website?

You need to install WordPress which means you need a domain. Web hosting is required along with the domain.

How to Start Blog now?

What is this domain?

The domain is the name your blog/website needs on the Internet. Users or customers on the Internet can reach your blog or website with this name.

For a domain you can look for a good domain name from many companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap, BigRock.

Here I will show you an example how to register a domain in NameCheap.

Click here to register your domain.

This will open up to you. Scroll down a bit and a search bar will appear.

In it, search for the domain name you want the domain for your blog / website.

Here I am searching for bloggingtipsintelugu.

I was lucky to find a .com domain. If you do not find the name you are looking for in .com, try .in. (Try to take maximum .com.)

Click on the button next to Add to Cart to select

This is what it looks like when you add it to the cart.

Below that, on the right side, there are two options called View Item and Checkout. In it you click on the checkout.

Here you will find some options like this. Also your bill amount is the amount you have to pay for a domain * (excluding taxes). This amount varies depending on the offers you have.

Click on Confirm Order. At that point you will see something like this

Here you have a previous domain so if you register in Namecheap you will have an account created. You can login with it and complete the payment.

No, You are registering a new domain, which means Create an Account!

Enter your details in it and create an account and complete the payment.

It’s like registering a domain for your blog / website.

I made a video on how to use Godaddy to create a domain through Godaddy. Watch that video.

Now you need to register for web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?      

Web hosting means that all the files, images, videos that you create for your blog / website need to be accessed from anywhere by your users, which means you must store them somewhere!

Web facilitating is where you store.

Web hosting should be taken very, very carefully.

For those who register for web hosting, I will refer to two web hosting.

The first of these is what you hear. SiteGround is a good web hosting company. Is very very fast. I use it for my blogs.

Its cost is a bit high. Wanting good results means investing a little money. All you can do is close your eyes and take a SiteGround.

The latter is complete for beginners. Come to Vaporhost and you get only 60 / – per month. Gives 5gb space, 50gb bandwidth. If you do not have enough space or bandwidth you can move on to the next plan. There are no setup charges.

All you need is billing like this for a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year.

I’m also running my blog on this. Because the blog is fast, I run it myself which means you will fit in this Vaporhost Beginning.

You can take the hosting of your choice when you can afford it.

In this video I have explained step-by-step how to register Vaporhost web hosting, see.

Click here to register for Vaporhost Web Hosting.

How to install WordPress?

This is what you will see if you link your domain to web hosting and log in to cpanel.

(Almost the same, or there may be some changes)

Now you can scroll down your web page to install WordPress. Then you will see Softaculus Apps Installer like this. Or One Click Installer.

From this you can see that it is WordPress! Click on it. You will then be taken to the WordPress setup page.

Here you will see the Install Now button! Click on it.

Then the screen comes up like this. Here are some details to give.

Do not do Software Setup first. Then you will see Site Settings in which you can give the title of your blog, blog description, it does not matter, you can change it in WordPress customization.

Then if you scroll down a bit it will look like the one above.

This is very, very important. Is there an Admin Account?

In it, give the admin username what username you want to log in with.

(Select usernames that no one has guessed. Otherwise your blog may be hacked)

Then enter the password of your choice next to the admin password.

(Keep a secure password)

Later admin email It is also very very important. Enter the email you use regularly. This will let us know about the updates and notifications that take place on our blog.

Language Keep English. Next up is called Select Plugins! The first plugin is Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer)! Click on the box opposite it.

If you go to Lost, a box will appear saying Email Installation Details to Enter your regular email address.

Then click on the Install button

This is how you start the installation. It will be installed in 2-3 minutes depending on your internet speed.

This will show you that your WordPress is successfully installed.

Now check your blog once. Your blog looks like this. (Default theme)

That means you need to go to the WordPress Dashboard

Login with the URL

Your WordPress dashboard looks like this.

This way you can install WordPress for your blog / website very easily.

Then you can design your blog / website with themes you like. You can also use the plugins you want to make a good blog / website as you like.

We have already done video tutorials on how to create a blog step-by-step through WordPress on our YouTube channel. In it I said everything from domain registration to making your blog live.


Those who have used WordPress once, have never thought about any application again, that is not an exaggeration. There are many plugins available for free to do SEO in WordPress, calculate blog analytics, and collect emails to include things like our Facebook and Twitter in a blog. We do not need any programming skills for this, just understand.

Posting in WordPress is a bit like uploading a video on YouTube. Divide very easily into categories, and blog posts can also be shown as a menu in the menu.

Most email marketing tools, payment gateway tools are made exclusively by WordPress plugins. So these can also be easily used.

If you have any problems with this WordPress installation, please contact us. We will set up a blog for you at low cost.

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